SPECIALS System Cleaner


  • 0,25 Liter
  • 0,50 Liter
  • 1,00 Liter
  • 5,00 Liter


Orange System Cleaner is a biocide that is used to clean the pipes and hoses of hydroponic systems. The active substance in Orange System Cleaner is hydrogen peroxide.

This substance is stabilized in the solution by very small silver peroxide particles, that are linked to the hydrogen peroxide particles via a special coating. Together, these particles form the so-called silver-stabilized hydrogen peroxide. This substance should be preferred over “normal” hydrogen peroxide, since it is less corrosive for metals and thus has a higher efficiency in the battle against microbes.

Orange System Cleaner is less active in clean water than normal hydrogen peroxide, but more active in dirty water.