Orange Garlic


  • 0,25 Liter
  • 1,00 Liter


Orange Garlic is a natural, organic insecticide. The high amount of garlic extract provides a repellent effect on insects. By using Orange Garlic, insects will stay away from the plant. Orange Garlic also contains prussic acid (hydrogen cyanide). This component kills pests by direct contact.

A plant can absorb Orange Garlic through the root system. The prussic acid and the associated repellent effects enter the atmosphere through the leaves. Orange Bug Protect can also be sprayed over the plant. When combatting a serious pest, it is advisable to use both methods simultaneously.

Orange Garlic can be used to free your plants from pests such as spider mites in an organic, environmentally friendly and user-friendly way. Use 1:1000 in the feeding water and 1:200 for a spray treatment. To ensure that the garlic extract is not traceable in the end product, you will have to stop using it 2 weeks before the harvest.

  • Keep cool and dark.
  • After opening 6 months shelf life.