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Orange Root Stimulator is the fastest working organic root stimulator in the market today. This product is composed of pharm-grade hydrolyzed amino acids. These acids are so called L-α-amino acids (which are “left-handed”).

The L-α-amino acids are obtained via enzymatic hydrolysis, which is the most environmentally friendly way of obtaining them.

L-α-amino acids have a great ability to chelate minerals in the soil. This way L-α-amino acids facilitate an effective delivery of minerals to plants and they thus help to overcome nutrient deficiencies.

Most amino acid products are composed of D-α-amino acids, which can be synthesized artificially in a laboratory. L-α-amino acids cannot be synthesized, they can only be extracted from natural products.

Orange Root Stimulator does not only boost your plants’ root growth. It is also beneficial to the photosynthetic process, because of its high organic nitrogen and magnesium levels. Furthermore, the overall resistance of the plants will improve significantly.