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Orange Hydro A is specially developed for growers that grow on inert substrates (e.g. coco, rockwool). The product is composed of calcium, nitrogen and trace elements like: boron, copper, iron, manganese, molybdenum and zinc.

When growing on hydro substrates using the Orange King line, a grower is fully dependent on the use of Orange Hydro A. This is because Orange Hydro A is the only nutrient in this nutrient line that contains calcium, which is an essential element for the development of your plant’s life on earth.

It is therefore also crucial in all parts of the plant system.

Combine Orange Hydro A with Orange Hydro B and the Orange additives to ensure that nutrient levels will exceed the minimum levels needed for healthy growth. This way the growth is never limited by the absence or extreme blockade of a nutrient.

Because of the high calcium levels in Orange Hydro A, a grower should always be careful when using this product. Make sure that the product does not come in contact with other substances before dilution. First add Hydro A to the feeding water and mix the solution thoroughly. After that, add other fertilizers.