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Orange King

The Orange King line is a food-grade nutrient line created in the Netherlands. The King line is especially designed for highly efficient production lines, such as the Dutch hydroponics greenhouse cultivation methods.

Orange Specials

The Orange Specials are used to complement the Complete and King lines. These additions to the Orange nutrient lines are used to adjust the effect of the Complete and King nutrient advice.

Orange Complete

The Orange Complete line is designed to minimize mistakes in the entire grow cycle of the plants. It is easy to use and is extremely effective in providing superb results even if you are still a beginning grower.

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Orange nutrients consist of formulas that are developed to increase the return on investment when growing crops. Orange is divided into two specialized nutrient lines, both with unique properties and both tailored to meet the specific needs of the type of user.

Depending on the level of experience that the grower has with the crop and the cultivation set-up, one of these nutrient lines will yield the best results. For most beginners, the Orange Complete line is perfect, because it minimizes mistakes made during the grow cycle. For the more advanced users, the Orange King line gives the grower flexibility to create their own feeding schemes.